Contract Soil Sampling Services

Contract Soil Sampling Services Whether you're a dealer, consultant or grower, Field Concepts can help you with soil sampling. We provide contract soil sampling services in all capacities from 2.5 acre and 5 acre grids to Zone Sampling through Veris Equipment or yield maps; along with regular composite samples in 5, 10 or 20 acre zones. While Field Concepts specializes in 2.5 acre grids, we understand that every customer is different, so we tailor our services around the customer's unique demands.

Training and Tech Support

Training and Tech Support The professionals at Field Concepts understand how intimidating Precision Ag can be. That is why we offer a full-service training and support group. This comprehensive service covers everything from the laptops and software purchases on the front end, to the in-the-field setup and training, to VRT equipment purchases and setup-all for a minimal or no fee. We want this experience to be a success for our clients and will be there every step of the way to ensure it is.

"Field Concepts' precision soil prescriptions have become a vital part of my consulting business- they're tailored to each farmer's unique needs and they're saving my growers money. The whole team is there when you need them; fast, reliable and knowledgeable with outstanding tech support."
- Zach Williams, Williams Ag Consulting, Marion, AR; Cotton, Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Milo, Rice, Customer for one year

"The services provided by Field Concepts have enabled us to create a variable rate program that is productive, while also being cost effective. The company's technical support has proven to be a true asset. Whether it's meeting with one of our farmers for recommendation analysis, or helping one of our drivers with equipment set-up, their support team is a real compliment to their operation."
- Lee Inboden, Dealer, Inboden Brothers, Inc., Bono, AR; Rice, Soybeans,Corn & Wheat, New Customer (four months)

Contract Processing

Contract Processing Many of Field Concepts' customers pull their own soil samples and use Field Concepts to process their information into usable VRT files for the dealer's application equipment. Field Concepts provides all the necessary steps to take the files from the field to the truck making this an effortless and efficient process. This gives the consultant and dealer more face time with their growers and less time behind the desk at a computer. Our low-cost contract processing not only offers customer support, but it also provides all the necessary application files, field maps and product summaries that each segment of the industry needs, from the grower to the dealer.

For those customers who want to process their own information, Field Concepts has partnered with AgRenaissance Software to develop an innovative web-based software tool for the client called FieldRx. It is a low-cost option (compared to other programs) with a big emphasis on being user-friendly. Unlike many others, it will also perform batch processes in order to keep the grower and dealer in the field. For more information on FieldRx click the link below and be on your way to being a one-stop shop for your growers!


PDF and Hard Binder Maps of Soil and Rx Results

PDF and Hard Binder Maps of Soil and Rx Results The whole point of grid sampling and variable rate application is to correctly and specifically fertilize fields. In the end, we all want results we can see-which is why we put together easy-to-read reports and field maps showing the advantages of our prescribed application and just what is going on in the field. Every Field Concepts customer receives a hard copy of all the information gathered and processed, as do FieldRx clients, in concise and logical terms. It shows average soil values for every field, product summary tables for the applicators, soil nutrient maps and the respective product summary maps for each crop on each field. FieldRx clients also get a PDF binder they can download from the FieldRx web site along with an email of product summaries and truck files sent to the dealer of their choice.

Product Summaries and Truck Files

We provide every dealer with a detailed product summary for each field and the necessary truck files for the application rigs. They can be a completely different set of files depending on the dealer. That is part of what makes Field Concepts so unique; we can handle a wide range of application rigs and controllers with specific file types. Just let us know what you are running and we'll take care of the rest.

Dealer Tech Support

Dealer Tech Support One of the biggest advantages we offer our dealers is comprehensive support. It doesn't matter how experienced you are with variable rate technology, we provide professional training on all aspects, assistance loading the trucks, and tech support along the way. All you really need to know how to do is operate the truck in the field-we are at the ready to help with the rest.