What's in it for the Grower?

Grower Benefits

  • Increases bottom line without sacrificing yield
  • Saves on fertilizer cost
  • Builds field uniformity
  • Puts fertilizer and lime where it is needed most
  • Reduces "toxic level" zones
  • Increases land value
  • Cost effective, especially over three years
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • CSP points through "EQUIP" and NRCS type programs
  • No waste
  • Improves yield

The bottom line? It makes the producer money!

To be a successful farmer, change is inevitable. Grid Soil Sampling and Variable Rate Application are changes that do not involve high risk and are beneficial. Fertility is the beginning of any crop, the days of broadcast application are soon coming to an end financially and environmentally.

Variable Rate Application is the way to fertilize your crop. Once you're involved with the Field Concepts grid sampling program, you'll understand how cost effective and easy fertilizing a crop can be. Just tell the dealer what crop you are growing on a particular farm and you're done. Let the dealer and Field Concepts handle the rest. Just look at what these growers have to say:

Grower Testimonials

"Field Concepts has put soil fertility in perspective. Once the grid sampling was completed and reviewed, it was easy to see the relationship between soil fertility and yield. VRT has cut my pre-plant fertilizer usage by 15 to 20%. More importantly, it has given me the peace of mind that I am doing the right thing across every acre and that soil fertility will not be a limiting factor to my crops' yield."
- Len Nall, Farmer, Cotton, Corn, Soybeans and Rice, Lake City, Two-Year Customer

"You might say I was a Field Concepts customer when the idea was in its most formative stages. The system has given me peace of mind by tailoring our fertilizer applications to the soil and crop requirements. We're not using averaged soil samples or fertilizer rates anymore. The correct amount of fertilizer is being applied according to variable soil fertility levels within each field."
- Larry Ramthun, Farmer, Rice and Soybeans, Northeast Arkansas; Customer since 2007

"Field Concepts ran variable rates on all our fields this past fall and it saved us a lot in the way of fertilizer costs. David and Lance are professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with, too."
- Curtis & Hunter Miller, Farmers, Corn and Soybeans, Caraway; One-Year Customer

"Since we started grid sampling and variable application based on Field Concepts' prescriptions, we feel like our fertility program is much more efficient and the crops are much more uniform. Lance and David are knowledgeable and professional; they provide excellent customer service to the farmer and custom applicators to ensure the prescriptions make it to the field."
- Becton Bell, Farmer, Rice, Soybeans, Corn and Cotton, South Mississippi County; Field Concepts customer since founding