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What is FieldRx

As a revolutionary software prescription tool, FieldRx provides dealers, consultants and growers a software tool for site-specific prescription generation. This innovative, web-based system makes Precision Ag accessible to everyone, virtually eliminating years of training and advanced knowledge of computer processing.

FieldRx makes it easy to upload data and create customized, specific pdf report formats including sample points and sample zones.

You won't find a more user-friendly, online solution on the market today.

Precision Ag

You know all about its advantages, right? But, like many, you may have thought it is complicated or reserved for the technologically advanced. Now you can easily incorporate, and benefit from, elements of precision ag in your own operation.

FieldRx's new, web-based software approach is designed to generate prescriptions for variable rate application. This completely customizable innovation replaces the industry standard of time-consuming, complex processes for writing prescriptions based on site-specific soil sampling. By applying batch processes, with no-questions-asked data upload, workable output materials, and a solid tech support backing, FieldRx will change the way you look at variable rate technology.

Ready to spend more time in the field or in front of customers? Learn more about FieldRx and reach new levels of efficiency today.

Site Specific Data

Field borders and sample locations (points and zones) derived from any software can be uploaded to FieldRx via shapefile format. FieldRx also offers a web service to automatically upload your data.

Rx Processing

With FieldRx™, managing site specific soil test data is now easier than ever before. So advanced this software will retrieve your soil test data from the lab itself, or you can manually load the data. Either way FieldRx™ will automatically attach the results to your sample points, improving quality control by decreasing human error.

Formulas are a necessity for processing site specific data into Rx maps and VRT controller files, but this doesn't mean it has to be difficult. Develop and customize your own equations online with our user-friendly formula wizard, or use FieldRx's predefined formulas.

Output Materials

Producing the information to present to the farmer and uploading to the application truck are the most important functions of Precision Ag. And you don't have time to dig through piles of data.

That's why FieldRx™ reports are designed to convey soil test maps and prescriptions in a logical format, all of which may be customized.

FieldRx™ supports a wide selection of VRT controllers, in files packaged and available for download in a user-friendly format. Receive email notification when output materials are ready for download, and even give access to download these files to numerous contacts, such as a dealer who will be making the application.

Find Out More About FieldRx

If you're ready for an easy-to-use tool that allows you to access professional prescription reports without investing hour after hour of training, FieldRx™ is your Precision Ag solution.

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