Dealing with Precision Ag

Dealer Benefits

  • More custom application business
  • Less labor
  • No buggy headaches
  • Detailed maps of soil levels
  • Maps to determine variety and hybrid selection
  • No more custom blends
  • Precise fertilizer output
  • E-mail truck files for fast, efficient service
  • Experienced, complimentary tech support (on-site or by phone)
  • Salesmen can concentrate on sales rather than sampling
  • Independent contract service
  • Contract sampling
  • Increased revenue for your growers

For the dealer: Field Concepts can contract with any dealer who has variable rate capability. We invite dealers to be as hands-on as they'd like-for some we handle the entire program start-to-finish. Simply call us, give us the name of the grower, and within a few weeks the prescription files are on the truck and ready for application with little to no legwork on the part of the dealer.

Contract Soil Sampling Services

All consultants test soil. In fact, more and more consultants are getting into site-specific sampling and variable rate applications. We know that most do not have the time or experience to analyze and properly render the data for variable rate application. That is where Field Concepts comes in. We have the knowledge to handle this time-consuming task providing contract soil sampling for the dealer, grower or consultant- generally on 2.5 ac grids. If needed, we can do custom soil work or 5 ac grids as well.

In The Field

We consult with dealers to facilitate the information gathering process and ensure efficient applications are made. This makes for a lot of field work, making sure the application rigs are running our prescriptions correctly, showing the dealer how to load the truck, and even helping manage the multitude of data involved.

Summaries and Truck Files

We provide every dealer with a detailed product summary for each field and the necessary truck files for the application rigs. They can be a completely different set of files depending on the dealer. That is part of what makes Field Concepts so unique; we can handle a wide range of application rigs and controllers with specific file types. Just let us know what you are running and we'll take care of the rest.

Dealer Tech Support - Loading Trucks and Trouble-Shooting Problems

One of the biggest advantages we offer our dealers is comprehensive support. It doesn't matter how experienced you are with variable rate technology, we provide professional training on all aspects, assistance loading the trucks, and tech support along the way. All you really need to know how to do is operate the truck in the field-we are at the ready to help with the rest.

Dealer Testimonials

Among many other advantages, Field Concepts is a one-stop shop for the dealer to start a Precision Ag program from scratch and execute it in an efficient manner. Look at what these dealers have to say:

"Field Concepts has dramatically changed our business. We are able to provide services to the farmer today to help him become more profitable. With the trying times farmers are facing, being able to pull soil samples off of grids and apply the correct amounts of fertilizer to only those zones truly cuts expense. And the savings to the farmer is significant."
- Dwight Whittenburg, Dealer, Northeast Arkansas; Two-Year Customer

"The services provided by Field Concepts have enabled us to create a variable rate program that is productive, while also being cost effective. The company's technical support has proven to be a true asset. Whether it's meeting with one of our farmers for recommendation analysis, or helping one of our drivers with equipment set-up, their support team is a real compliment to their operation."
- Lee Inboden, Dealer, Inboden Brothers, Inc., Bono; Service clients in Rice, Soybeans, Corn & Wheat, New Customer (four months)

"Lance and David are great guys to work with. They have the knowledge we need to get the job done, which has enabled us to get deeper into variable rate at a faster pace. And they're always a phone call away when we need them."
- Ferrell Wiggins, Dealer, Woodruff County; Rice, Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Vegetables, Hay Ground, Three-Year Customer

"The best thing I can say about Field Concepts is they make things run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We were new at variable rate application; they have helped increase our custom acres and have gotten us some business we would not ordinarily service. Today, with fertilizer prices being so volatile, the guys at Field Concepts seem to have figured out a good way to make it work for everyone involved."
- Greg Adams, Dealer, Agriliance, LLC., Mississippi County; Cotton, Corn, oybeans, Rice, Milo, Two-year customer

"Field Concepts enables us to keep up with new variable rate technologies, giving us an edge with our customers. They've seen it all and are very understanding of any situation we can present. Best of all, they are always there to help- never more than a phone call away."
- Greg Cochran, Dealer, Custom Application, Trumann, AR; Rice, Corn, Wheat, Soybeans and Cotton, Two-year Customer

"Taking 'service' to a whole new level, Lance and David have always gone the extra mile to ensure their clients' best interests-and bottom lines-come first. Field Concepts analysis shows our clients the variability of nutrients in the soil proving the need for variable rate fertilizer application. As a result, we now operate six variable rate dry applicators and three liquid applicators!"
- Ray Mallory, Dealer, Home Oil Company, Osceola, AR; Cotton, Soybeans, Rice, Wheat, Corn, Milo, Customer Since Founding