A Value Added Venture

Consultant Benefits

  • Provide expertise on software and equipment purchases
  • Customizable equation writing
  • Provide support in equipment and software set-up
  • Provide fast, reliable, in-the-field tech support
  • Provide a hard copy binder to the consultant
  • One-on-one consulting for the consultant and grower
  • Increases yields
  • Adds value to the consultant's services
  • Provide winter income
  • Good for both the farmer and the environment

For the consultant: Field Concepts is an expert outside source for incorporating a precision ag sampling program into your operation. We provide turnkey tech support to consultants every step of the way, from selecting the right equipment and software, to training on data collection and submission.

In short, you pull the samples and send the soil to a lab; then you send us your computer data. We take care of the prescription writing, preparing the files for application, and getting the information to the corresponding dealer.

Computer Analysis and Rx Services Through Field Concepts

Prescription writing for variable rate technology is a very complex task; something most consultants, dealers, and growers simply don't have the time-or desire-to learn. For those who don't want to tie themselves up all winter with this service, let Field Concepts do it for you.

Once the samples are pulled, sent to the lab and analyzed, Field Concepts retrieves the data and ties each sample to its corresponding geo-referenced point. The data is then processed through customized equations for each grower, for each crop they may grow until sampled again.

Grid Sampling: the Basics

Consultants and growers typically have quite a few questions about getting started. We slowly guide them through each step-from set-up, to the use of their computers and handhelds for the first time, to explaining how to establish grids, and ultimately pulling samples and efficiently boxing everything up. Keep in mind, there are several ways to gather a sample in the field, so we advise on the method best suited to each customer.

Consultant Testimonials

"I would recommend Field Concepts to absolutely anyone looking for someone to write prescriptions for variable rate. The customer service they provide is second-to-none."
- Danny Moore, Consultant, Moore's Pest Management; Cotton, Corn, Wheat, Soybeans, and Rice, Marion, AR; Two-Year Customer

"The addition of grid soil samples has generated a whole new income source for my business. It has been a virtually seamless integration for me and my customers thanks to Lance and David's personal, professional service."
- Tom Davis, Consultant; Cotton, Rice, Soybeans, Rice and Corn, Northeast Arkansas (Craighead & Poinsett counties); Two-year customer

"I have known both David and Lance for a long time but just recently started working with them. They are great guys who have put in the time and energy necessary to become experts on the soil. I look forward to a long and successful working relationship with Field Concepts."
- Chuck Farr, Consultant, Mid South Ag Consultants; Rice, Corn, Wheat, Milo, Cotton and Soybeans, New Customer

"Field Concepts' precision soil prescriptions have become a vital part of my consulting business- they're tailored to each farmer's unique needs and they're saving my growers money. The whole team is there when you need them; fast, reliable and knowledgeable with outstanding tech support."
- Zach Williams, Consultant, Williams Ag Consulting; Cotton, Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Milo and Rice, Marion, AR; Customer for one year