Field Concepts was founded in 2007 by longtime Arkansas independent consultants Lance Ramthun and David Hydrick. The high cost of fertilizer at the time made the origination of Field Concepts a simple one. Again and again in servicing their growers, the two saw a recurring need to decrease inputs without impacting yields. The precision ag solution they developed not only accomplished that, but actually improved yields.

Today, Field Concepts services more than 100 producers and nearly 200,000 acres with consultant, dealer, and grower services. The company covers a wide and steadily expanding sampling region and is not limited to any particular crop; though its biggest concentration lies in the row crops and grains of the Midsouth and Midwest.


David Hydrick David Hydrick (Co-owner, Chief Financial Officer) has owned and operated Hydrick's Crop Consulting, Inc. for nearly 20 years. Currently he services producers throughout Northeast Arkansas on cotton, corn, soybeans, rice, grain sorghum, and wheat. A native of Greenville, Mississippi, he began his consulting career in the Mississippi Delta. He earned both a bachelor of science degree in Entomology and a master of science degree in Weed Science at Mississippi State University, where he also served on the renowned MSU Weed Team in the early 90's.

After graduation, he moved his family to Northeast Arkansas to continue and grow his consulting business. In 2008, David partnered with Lance Ramthun to co-found Field Concepts. Currently David is also a partner in Ag Software Designs, an agricultural software development company and creator of the new FieldRx program.

David has been very active in his field and promoting the ag consulting business. He has held many offices and has served on several committees including his current roles as past president and vice president of the Arkansas Agricultural Consultants Association. He is a long-time member of the NAICC and an original charter member of the Certified Crop Advisors (CCA).

Lance Ramthun Lance Ramthun (Co-owner, Chief Operations Officer) was raised in the small farming community of Hoxie, Arkansas. His father, Larry, worked for the University of Arkansas Extension Service, which moved them to the Delta. Soon after arriving in Blytheville, the elder Ramthun took a position at a farmers' co-op in Hoxie as an agricultural consultant. Lance's own interest in the profession developed as he watched and learned about agriculture and consulting throughout high school and college. Immediately after college, following in his father's footsteps, he took a position as an agricultural consultant.

Lance earned a bachelor of science degree in Agriculture Business at Arkansas State in 2001. He served as an agricultural consultant for an independent firm for two years before forming Crop Solutions, an independent agricultural consulting firm in 2004. In 2008, together with David Hydrick, he co-founded Field Concepts, a site-specific sampling and variable rate prescription company. His latest venture is partnership in Ag Software Designs, a software development company he helped launch in April of 2009.

Lance has been consulting in the small grains and row crop sectors of agriculture for more than 10 years. A Certified Crop Advisor (CCA), he has served as both a state board member and treasurer since 2006. He has been an Arkansas State Plant Board Licensed Consultant since 2002 and holds membership in the National Alliance of Independent Crop Consultants. Also a member of the Arkansas Agricultural Consultants Association, Lance currently serves as the organization's scholarship committee chairman and held the presidents seat from 2008-2010 and the vice president's seat from 2007 to 2008.


As consultants first and foremost, we understand our own success is directly and wholly dependent on that of the clients we serve. We're a progressive, forward- thinking, results-oriented team; one that looks at the big picture with a unique perspective on where agriculture is headed. Even in the face of trying times for our industry, we see endless potential for our farmers and the heights they can achieve. And we're ready to work longer, harder and smarter than anyone else to get them there.


Our vision is to establish precision ag and variable rate technology as the standard for fertilizing across the United States. We are certain it can make our country's growers as competitive as any in the world market while maximizing their individual profits as well.