Everyone wants to make more money in business, right? So why not start from the ground up?

Field Concepts can be your one-stop shop for the development, promotion and execution of your precision ag business. Whether you are a dealer, consultant or grower, Field Concepts specialists will develop and customize a program uniquely suited to your needs. Our in-depth knowledge can help you embark on your own successful precision ag endeavor-simply and more efficiently than you ever thought possible.

Just look at what Field Concepts clients have to say.

"Field Concepts has dramatically changed our business. We are able to provide services to the farmer today to help him become more profitable. With the trying times farmers are facing, being able to pull soil samples off of grids and apply the correct amounts of fertilizer to only those zones truly cuts expenses. And the savings to the farmer is significant."
- Dwight Whittenburg, Dealer, Northeast Arkansas, Two-Year Customer

"Field Concepts has changed the way we approach our pre-plant fertility for sure, and I know it will change our relationship with our environment. David, Lance, and Field Concepts are more concerned about the 'big picture'-increasing yields for our customers and theirs. They are right on time, every time!"
- Travis Lung, Dealer, Ritter Agribusiness, Three-Year Customer

"Field Concepts enables us to be more precise on all fronts. Now we can put our fertilizer-and our money-exactly where it needs to be. The Field Concepts team will bend over backwards to do a good job. Somehow they always manage to work within my time schedule, and they have consistently made themselves available whenever I have needed them."
- Jonathan Ashlock, Griffin Farms, Inc., Rice and Soybeans, Waldenburg, AR; Two-Year Customer

"Field Concepts has helped me add a valuable service to my business. They have been great about working with me and getting the information to the local fertilizer distributor. The information we learn by doing grid soil samples and variable rate fertility is amazing!"
- Eddy Cates, Consultant, Cates Agri Tech, Inc., Rice, Cotton, Corn and Soybeans, Marion, AR; Two-Year Customer